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The Number of Selections value is automatically updated when you switch between different bet types, if the current value is less than the minimum required for the type of bet. This value can be increased in order to create perms or, in the case of Accumulators, to simply extend the size of the Accumulator. The maximum number of selections that can be specified for any bet is 20, although Alphabet & Union Jack bets can not be permed so their values are therefore fixed.


The Accumulator Fold Size automatically reflects changes to the Number of Selections value in the Bet Options, but if you wish to perm Accumulator bets then this value should be reduced to the appropriate fold size. For example to perm 4-Folds from 6 selections, set the Number of Selections to 6, and then reduce the Accumulator Fold Size to 4.


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Selection 1 - Other Options
Rule 4 Dead Heat

Total - the number of participants finishing in the same position. In the event of a double dead heat you should enter 2, and in the (unlikely) event of a triple dead heat you should enter 3.

Position (Each Way only) - the finishing position for the dead heat. If the dead heat is for first place then you should enter 1, if the dead heat is for second place then you should enter 2, etc.

Places (Each Way only) - the number of places being offered by your bookmaker for the event in which your selection is taking part.

Joint Fav.

Only relevant if you have backed the Unnamed Favourite when more than one favourite has been declared. Not applicable to Each Way.

Total - the number of joint favourites (more accurately termed co-favourites if there are more than two).

Winners - the number of favourites that won the race. This will normally be 1, since a value of 0 indicates that your selection did not win and so should have a status of Lost. This value will only exceed 1 if joint favourites are involved in a dead heat for first place.

Non Runners - any favourites withdrawn shortly before the runners come under starter’s orders.


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